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The following is our policy for images on the wiki which explains requirements and rules for the images.

General rules for uploading images

  1. Content - All images must follow the general wiki rules (no inappropriate images, offensive images, etc.).
  2. Overwriting - You cannot overwrite (upload over) an image unless you uploaded the image. If you have any reason for overwriting an image, please notify the admins about it here or ask the uploader of the image.
  3. Naming - All files must be named according to the topic of the file. You cannot name the page random numbers or letters. The image must be named appropriately and must relate to the image.
    1. For example, this image is named "Iris and Auriana hugging.jpg" because the picture specifically shows Iris and Auriana hugging. Please be this specific, if not more, when naming images.
  4. Unused images - All images must be on a page of some sort whether it's an article, user page, a thread, etc. Any image that is not on a page must be uploaded onto a page of some sort within two weeks. If it is not, it will be placed accordingly or the image will be deleted.
  5. Duplicate images - Please refrain from uploading the same image as one that is already on the wiki. The image will be deleted if it is seen.